A ground breaking advancement that will revolutionize surgery

The xvision system, the first augmented reality guidance system for surgery, allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue as if they have “x-ray vision,” and to accurately guide instruments and implants during spine procedures.

Personalized Headset

Transparent AR Display

Built-in Surgical Tracking System

Powerful High Speed Processor

Integrated Headlight

Wireless System

Accurately determines the position of surgical tools in real time

Illuminates focus area

Allows free movement within the OR

For seamless visual tracking

For a custom fit for each user

Retinal projection of all the 3D anatomical and instrument detail in a heads-up display for the surgeon while not obstructing the operative field


xvision System Highlights

Image guidance, while looking directly at the patient

Traditional Image Guidance System

Surgeon looking at distant screen

IR line-of-sight interrupted by other team members standing between camera and patient

Lengthy set-up time

Image Guidance with xvision

Projects 3D spinal anatomy directly on the patient

Surgeon has full control of IR line-of-sight with headset

Surgeon can visually track instruments within the working field without averting their eyes from the patient

Open platform from both an 3D imaging and implant perspective

Small OR Footprint

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Augmented reality-assisted pedicle screw insertion: a cadaveric proof-of-concept study.  

Molina, C. A., Theodore, N., Ahmed, A., Westbroek, E. M., Mirovsky, Y., Harel, R., Orru’, E., Khan, M., Witham, T., & Sciubba, D. M. (2019). Augmented reality–assisted pedicle screw insertion: a cadaveric proof-of-concept study, Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine SPI, 31(1), 139-146



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