Augmented Reality see-through lenses

Wireless head-mounted display

Highly accurate

IR tracker

system highlights

NVIDIA Tegra processor


ergonomic design

Intuitive 3D visualization of patient's anatomical structure

Axial & Sagittal plane views

Virtual K-Wire alignment

Accurate tool tracking

Increased visualization

xvision provides spine surgeons with a navigated real-3D surgical experience resulting in safer outcomes and shorter surgeries. The surgeon and OR staff benefit too as they have less radiation exposure.

Instrument management

Streamline your procedures with seamless instrument exchange. The xvision system is versatile, making it a perfect option for hospitals with several spine surgeons.


Your xvision-navigated instrument choices are displayed just the way you need them:

  • Universal tool adaptor can fit any surgical instrument

  • Automatic tool detection

  • Fast and easy tool calibration


Imaging device compatibility and automatic registration

The xvision system is compatible with all leading imaging systems.

That includes: O-Arm, Siemens’ Cios Alpha, Ziehm Imaging RFD 3D, and more.

Patient's registration is fully automatic, and takes only a few seconds.

xvision system can also perform patient registration using an intraoperative image-based 2D/3D registration through use of 2D mobile C-arm imaging device.


Procedure flexibility

xvision provides the flexibility you need in spinal procedures, no matter how simple or complex.


Use advanced techniques in complex cases, and opt for simplified instrumentation when the anatomy is particularly challenging:

  • Use real-time anatomical visualization to set the pedicle screw trajectory and lateral mass.

  • Plan the trajectory safely, and accurately place virtual k-wires to increase safety.

  • With real-time information available to you in 3D, you’ll find the safest routes into areas such as thoracic pedicles, the sacral ala, and deformed spine. xvision also facilitates surgical treatment of complex surgical revisions, helping you locate and evaluate anatomy when the known landmarks are no longer present or have been damaged.


Wide range applications

The xvision™ surgical navigation system comes with software applications you would expect to have available for standard neurosurgery and spine procedures, including:

  • For treatment of lumbar thoracic and cervical pathologies in procedures such as ACDF, ALIF PLIF, TLIF or pedicle screw placement.

  • For spinal or pelvic fixation, including, scoliosis, kyphosis, and other skeletal deformities, SI fixation.

  • For treatment of spinal or trauma cases, such as kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, sacroplasty and others.


System highlights
  • An intuitive user interface viewed through a 3D augmented-reality headset.

  • Powerful visualization with easy switching between 2-D and 3-D views, as well as tools for intuitive layering and blending.

  • Greater versatility – patient registration can be achieved using a 2D, C-Arm, or 3D intraoperative scanner.

  • Extract more value from the data and pinpoint surgical precision by using xvision’s model-building tools.


  • Fully compatible with intraoperative imaging systems and surgical imaging systems so that surgeons have a stereo 3D image of the patient’s anatomy.

  • Keep constant and accurate tracking of surgical instruments.

  • Get real-time bulletins on the whereabouts of instrumentation within the patient’s body, either through optical navigation signals.

  • Helps you refine your planning and approach in advance of and as surgery progresses, so you can run simulations of how the procedure might progress according to the various potential surgical approaches.


  • Direct connectivity to the hospital network and all essential medical devices for the particular procedure, allowing patient data to be imported from other departments/surgeries in the hospital network.

  • DICOM Interface for medical information Protocol.

  • Compatibility to all intraoperative imaging devices, with automatic patient registration.


Security and compliance
  • HIPAA compliance.

  • Customers can define and set the security level for user authentication, firewall protection, antivirus protection, and encryption.


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